Lifecycle Wholistic Health & Fitness -                Healing the planet, one body at a time.
Randy Stillman is an AOBTA (American Organization of Bodywork Therapies of Asia) certified Amma bodywork Therapist. He has also received training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Wholistic Nutrition and herbal remedies. Randy incorporates his passion for life not only into his therapy practice, but into all that he does.
Lifecycle Wholistic Health & Fitness
is about eating good foods. I offer wholistic nutrition counselling with helpful ideas on how to improve your eating habits, while juggling your busy life schedule. "Get real, eat real"
I can help guide you to an exercise or workout routine that fits your schedule, is enjoyable, invigorating, fun and ultimately life changing. (We currently offer Nia fusion fitness and Mens Yoga classes at our studio)
Hands on Amma Bodywork/Massage Therapy is based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Borrowing from 3,000 years of healing touch wisdom has enabled me to help alleviate your aches, pains and other disharmonies of the body, mind and spirit.
Chair massage is offered both in our studio and at your work place. Just 15 minutes of hands-on bodywork can transform your day by alleviating stress, tension headaches and helping you to focus and work more efficiently.
Riding on two wheels is one of my biggest passions in life. Whether racing, mountain biking with friends or riding in the occassional fundraiser, I love it all! I also offer bodywork and nutrition counseling specifically tailored for the recreational and competitive athlete.
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